Hi, my name is Meghan, and thanks for stopping by 2 parts flour! Thinking all my classmates complete suckers, I abstained from AP exams and SAT prep my senior year of high school and enrolled in pastry school after graduation. After two years of cake, bread & chocolate classes, I worked on the pastry line of a Washington, D.C. restaurant (an education of a different sort). Although I absolutely love food, I found the repetitive nature of baking professionally creatively stifling and not nearly as fun! So, having moved away from professional pastry pursuits (who's the chump now?), I am so excited to have a reason to bake excessively and share recipes, success stories, and disasters with you all.  I love sharing my food experiences, so please feel free to comment on recipes or contact me with questions, concerns, ideas and/or suggestions. 

Ryan (aka man pictured above) serves as the editor, taste tester & legal advisor for 2 parts flour, and I am grateful for his love & dinner table companionship. 

[And a special thanks to my parents for fostering my love of food and letting me bum ingredients off of them for twenty-three years.]